Nutritional Pillars of Truly You Cuisine


Yes, you can get your daily intake of protein and amino acids from dark leafy greens, nuts, grains, seeds, legumes, beans, and nutritional yeast.



No restrictions, calorie counting, diets or extreme fads. Eating plant-based will help you redefine your relationship with food. Healthy habits will become second nature. Your friends will be asking you, “what do you eat in a day?!”



Good fats are where it’s at! When eaten in moderation, plant-based fats are packed with nutrients and the power to help you absorb plant proteins.



Combining cooked foods with raw components will ensure you’re getting the most nutritional and nourishing properties from your food.


The vibrant colors found in nature should be on your plate! Eating the rainbow will provide you with tons of hydration and an array of nutrients that will give you that “oh she glows” skin.


Only you know what’s right for your body. So, stand confident in the fact that you know what’s best for you and why. Just remember one thing: trust your gut!

The Process that Makes a Difference

The Truly You Cuisine process is intentional and involved to bring you the most nutrient-dense and satisfying meals that fuel you throughout the day.
Here are the raw methods I use:   


Soaking raw, organic nuts and seeds before eating them is important for neutralizing the enzyme inhibitors allowing for optimal digestion. Sprouting is a process that also unlocks nutrients, in addition to, converting dense proteins into more simplified amino acids. It’s all about making the foods you eat easy on your gut! And I always buy organic so that the nuts I use are truly raw and unpasterized. 



“Cooking” ingredients in a dehydrator at a low temperature for a longer period of time than in an oven ensures that your food will keep all its nutrients in tact. Take my kale chips - I have my dehydrator going for 15 hours to bring these chips to perfection!