About Truly You Cuisine

Truly You Cuisine provides plant-based snacks, meals and desserts in the Washington D.C. Metro area. Created by vegan chef, Julie Ackerman, Truly You Cuisine offers nutritious and consciously-crafted meals that are organic, vegan and free of gluten, GMO and refined sugar. Yes, eating “plant-based” can absolutely be delicious and fuel you with all the nutrition your body needs! I hand-craft each meal with one intention in mind: supporting you and your customers to heal from the inside out, feel confident, and live with vibrancy.

Here at Truly You Cuisine we believe that the food we eat and where it is sourced has a powerful impact on every aspect of our lives: our relationships, careers, happiness, and the environment. Truly You Cuisine provides you with vibrant and delicious meals with life-changing benefits. It’s the difference between rolling out of bed in a fog and jumping out of bed with intention and vitality.



Locally sourced, organic, GMO + gluten-free ingredients.


No grocery shopping or prep necessary.


Rediscover your body's true potential. Eating vibrant foods will have you looking and feeling confident and happy in your own skin.

My Story

I’ve always been passionate about taking a holistic approach toward wellness. For me, it's all about learning to listen to your body instead of following a diet trend.

Over the years I made two major observations that would ultimately influence me toward pursuing a culinary path. First, as an early childhood educator I consistently saw how nutrition had a direct affect on the emotional well-being of my students. Second, seeing my friends and family members with extremely busy schedules fall into the grab-and-go mentality caused me to pause and reflect on my own habits. I started to become the “go-to chef” for my friends and was soon vegan-izing everything; from Thanksgiving dinner to healthy replacements for birthday cakes. And rather than substitute animal products for processed ones, I became interested in using plants to recreate familiar meals I had always loved to eat. Everyone else loved them too, and couldn’t believe how delicious vegan food could taste! I knew I was onto something when I had carnivores encouraging me to share my kale chips, meals and desserts with everyone.

Confident in the belief that plant food has the power to heal your body, I embarked on a new career path and completed raw vegan courses at the Matthew Kenney Culinary School in California. I want to educate people on how you can eat clean without sacrificing flavor. My hand-crafted meals will inspire you to enjoy eating plant-based, become mindful of where your food comes from, and begin to live life with as much vibrancy as the colors found in nature’s food.