"I love Truly You. The convenience makes it something you'll stick to, the taste makes it something you'll look forward to, and the way it makes you feel will do more than you can imagine."

- Rebecca, Fiber Artist


"As a body-centered psychotherapist and mom, I am conscious of how I am nourishing myself and my family. But we have different dietary needs. With Julie's guidance, I was able to come up with meals and snacks for the whole family that are nourishing and delicious. Julie's kale chips are the best I have ever had - hands down. They are our family's daily snack. I look forward to her meals each week. Her Carmel Salted Bites have been my "birthday cake" for the last two years. Julie has shown me how eating a plant-based diet can be incredibly delicious. You can tell how much care and knowledge she puts into her creations. I am a total fan."

- Lisa, Psychotherapist + Mom

"Truly You Cuisine is incredible. The food is so fresh and I can always be sure it will taste fantastic! As a mom, the convenience of delivery of healthy food is priceless! To be able to order something healthy is a win for me!" 

- Casi, Barre Instructor + Mom


"I am so happy I have found Truly You Cuisine! I never expected eating a Raw Plant based diet to be so easy and delicious! 

After being diagnosed with Cancer, I conducted extensive research into the role that nutrition plays in disease in the body. It was then that I concluded that a plant based diet is the best nutrition for disease prevention and to feel my very best. Recently, I have decided to take that a step further and started investigating the world of Raw Nutrition. 

Truly You Cuisine makes eating a Raw diet easy and delicious! My favorites include the Korean BBQ Spring Rolls, the Creamy Onion Kale Chips, and of course the Salted Caramel Bites!"

- Teresa, Integrative Wellness Coach