Nutrition Questions


Q: What can I expect from your meals?

Delicious plant-based meals that will leave you feeling light and satisfied. Eating plants will help you move toward a more alkaline balanced body and help clear out all the inflammation that is weighting you down. Your body will be able to restore itself by having the new found ability to fuel your body, leaving you feeling light and conscious of the ways in which food affects your body.


Q: Are your meals gluten-free?



Q: Are your meals vegan?



Q: Is your produce organic?

When possible, yes, about 98% of the items are organic. I am meticulous about selecting fresh, organic ingredients that you can pronounce.


What kinds of sweetener do you use?

With my meals, there are no hidden sugar ingredients. I use Medjool dates, maple syrup and a touch of agave and coconut sugar.


Q: Are your meals raw or cooked?

Both! Depending on the recipe and culinary intention, some items are roasted, dehydrator or raw.


Q: Is there enough protein in your meals to accommodate an active lifestyle?

Yes. Depending on how you sweat it out, you can choose to have these menu items as a snack or as your meal. People who are new to the raw and plant-based lifestyle often worry about getting an adequate amount of protein. I’ve got you covered! 

Here is a simple equation to help you figure out how much protein you need on a daily basis: your body weight X 0.36 = ______ grams. 


Q: Are your meals pregnancy friendly?

Please consult your doctor before consuming fermented and soy products.


Q: How many calories are in each menu item?

Here at TYC we count the nutritional value not the calories. We rely on the fact that the foods prepared is fresh and mostly produce.


Q: How many days will the meals last? 

 For best flavor, freshly prepared meals should be eaten within 2 days. Desserts will last up to 7 days. Kale chips will last up to 10 days.